In Pre-Memoriam of Software Quality

What do I think this course is going to be like?

TC3045, or Calidad y Pruebas de Software (Software Quality and Testing) makes me think about how testing can lead to quality software and that with great power comes great responsibility; power being software skills, and responsibility refers to, hehe, responsibility . . . to the client and to delivering a quality product. Ken—the teacher of said course—says we’ll be focusing on a project, so I’m betting we’ll be applying TDD (Test Driven Development) to this project. We’ll also be blogging the planning process and progress of development; here I’m hoping we can provide some quality assurance and put in practice some concepts I learned in my Software Project Management courses such as risk assessment.

Fight Club by Huub Zeeman on Flickr under a CC License

Will #AbolishGrades work for this course?

I just hope we don’t end up with some team infighting and actually get something done, but anyway, that’s the struggle of every class with a project. But here in Ken’s courses working a project with the endless feedback loop that’s bound to happen with #AbolishGrades Croom style will be great for meeting requirements and delivering a quality product.

In regards to blogging, I think it fits software development as documentation and as a progress tracking tool. I personally don’t mind writing, just sometimes have to get over a mental block to start.

Anyway . . .

. . . here’s to a great semester and, for me, an Empire Strikes Back quality sequel to #AbolishGrades. Wait, it’s my third course . . . oh no, here come the Ewoks.

– Arturo Fornés, the guy from the soon to be updated About page.

[Edit] the NOW updated About Page.

In Pre-Memoriam of Software Quality

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